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Articles and News

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FAM Assetfirst Review - Game Changing Pricing

Friday, October 4 2019
Abbie Knight from DISCUS runs the rule over what she sees as our "game changing" Fixed Fee Model Portfolio Service...

Seminar - Launch of Unique Discretionary Model Portfolio Service

Monday, September 16 2019
Assetfirst's partnership with discretionary investment manager Fundamental Asset Management has resulted in a unique portfolio service which gives IFAs the option of paying a fixed fee for access to an expert investment platform. This is a sharp turn-around from the existing "client pays" percentage fee structure which can soon build up and damage the potential value of a portfolio.

Assetfirst Balanced Portfolio 10 year performance

Thursday, September 5 2019
Assetfirst Balanced Portfolio performance versus Risk Targeted Multi Asset (RTMA) Risk 4 Balanced Sector.

Ranked over 10 years to 31/08/2019 with 1st Quartile performance highlighted in blue.

Why Use Assetfirst for Portfolio Management

Thursday, February 1 2018
There are many different methodolgies that can be applied to running an investment portfolio. Historically this has usually meant handing your funds over to a Discretionary Investment Manager or Stockbroker and relying on them to ensure that your funds are invested in the correct stocks and bonds for the prevailing markets. In reality this approach has proven to be both flawed and expensive. Trying to time markets with any degree of consistency has been proven to be virtually impossible and star fund managers tend to come and go with alarming regularity.

We believe that the only true indicator of consistent performance is cost. Many studies have shown that low cost funds tend to show greater levels of consistent outperformance over longer terms and our investment proposition embraces this research.

Citywire - New Model Adviser - My Asset Allocation

Wednesday, July 20 2016
Philip Bailey, partner with Assetfirst, discusses the importance of maintaining fundamental asset allocations in difficult times.

Andrew Whiteley - ETF Rock Star

Wednesday, September 16 2015
Andrew Whiteley, was selected as one of ETF’s “Rock Stars”. The top ten selected advisers met a criteria which shows they “focus on holistic financial advice and put their clients first… are educated in the use and application of active funds and passive funds, or blend the two; and…know about or use ETFs directly.” Andrew has been recognised for “having a loyal client base, being highly qualified and having a strong conviction in the merit of holistic planning” which is what really counts to be an ETF Rock Star.

Citywire - New Model Adviser - Adviser Insight

Wednesday, March 13 2013
Assetfirst partner Andrew Whiteley discusses the reasons why other IFAs might want to use assetfirst's unique fee based Model Portfolio "insourcing" solution.

Assetfirst presents at ETFs for IFAs - London Stock Exchange

Wednesday, October 31 2012
assetfirst were approached by the LSE to put together the first LSE event dedicated to ETFs for Financial Planners and also asked to provide copy for the first LSE sponsored guide to ETFs aimed solely at the IFA community - "ETFs for Financial Planners"

Assetfirst Balanced Portfolio Performance

Monday, June 18 2012
Assetfirst balanced portfolio comparative to selected peer group over 1, 2, 3 & 4 years.

ETFs and the IFA are they on your radar?

Monday, June 18 2012
IFA Magazine - Philip Bailey, partner with Assetfirst, comments on today's release from Skandia on advisers' understanding of ETFs

Addressing regulator's worries over outsourced investments

Monday, June 11 2012
Financial Adviser Magazine - Andrew Whiteley outlines how a bespoke "insourced" investment proposition can best satisfy FSA requirements.

Assetfirst cuts UK Equity Exposure

Friday, June 8 2012
Financial Adviser Magazine - Steve Williams calls on UK Banks to increase lending continued to SMEs and outlines the reasons behind our continuing underweight position in UK Equities

A Question of Time

Thursday, May 31 2012
Financial Adviser Magazine - How to effectively assess client profitability and design a cost effective service proposition that will deliver results post RDR

Money Marketing Profile: Andrew Whiteley

Thursday, May 17 2012
Spurred by the early discovery that he did not like selling other people's products, the director of Provisio and partner of Assetfirst has gone on to prove that an independent streak can stand you in good stead. Interview by Rachael Adams

Defining Client Profitability

Tuesday, May 1 2012
Financial Planner Magazine - Andrew Whiteley looks at how establishing clearer investment strategies for clients can improve profitability post RDR

Is insourcing a better solution?

Monday, April 30 2012
Investment Adviser Magazine - Philip Bailey outlines the alternative to outsourced DFM managed solutions for IFAs

SPIVA concludes that Passive beats Active

Tuesday, April 24 2012
S&Ps Year End analysis of the US fund management industry's performance is damning for Active Managers with the majority underperforming their benchmarks across all asset classes...

FSA issues guidance on ETPs

Monday, April 23 2012
The FSA have today issued a factsheet for advisers covering the aspects of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) that advisers should be familiar with

How to use another IFA's investment proposition

Friday, April 20 2012
New Model Adviser Magazine - Adviser Workshop

Michael Broom of HB Dobbin & Neil Hewitt of Scrutton Bland explain why they use Assetfirst to power their investment propositions.

New Model Adviser - East Anglia's finest: 10 top advisers

Wednesday, April 18 2012
From the dreaming spires of Cambridge to the equine epicentre of Newmarket, East Anglia boasts a host of top advisers... Including our own MD

Smart Beta: Control not costs attract Bailey

Thursday, April 12 2012
New Model Adviser Magazine - Philip Bailey talks to Max Julius about the attractions of passive funds for controlling risk.

Provisio hails ETFs' RDR-ready model

Thursday, April 12 2012
Financial Adviser Magazine - Exchange-traded funds provide a retail distibution review-ready option for clients, a Cambridgeshire-based chartered financial planning firm has claimed.

FSA report highlights outsourcing concerns, says Assetfirst

Thursday, April 5 2012
Fundweb - Firms should consider carefully before outsourcing their investment management activities, Assetfirst's Philip Bailey has warned.

Assetfirst points the way forward

Thursday, March 29 2012
Financial Adviser Magazine - Product innovation is no longer the preserve of big providers

Many mouths to Feed

Thursday, March 22 2012
Financial Adviser Magazine "Multi Asset" Supplement - Increased scrutiny of client charges in fund portfolios means advisers are under more pressure to both justify costs and also pick the top performers at the same time.

Conundrums Facing Advisers

Thursday, March 15 2012
Letter from Andrew Whiteley to Financial Adviser Magazine looking at the adverse impact of the RDR on client charges

Spoilt for choice

Wednesday, February 1 2012
Financial Adviser Magazine - Andrew Whiteley casts a critical eye over the recent "passive plus" fund launches from Schroders and JP Morgan

IFAs losing control of client assets through DFM services

Wednesday, November 16 2011
Pensions Age Magazine

Be Proactive in the Passive Arena

Wednesday, October 19 2011
This article was published in New Model Adviser in October 2011

Don't panic

Saturday, October 1 2011
Andrew Whiteley talks to European Pensions Magazine about the recent glut of warnings over ETFs from several european regulators.

ETF "collateral risk" should also apply to active funds

Tuesday, September 27 2011
Financial Adviser Magazine - Unit trusts have collateral risk from stock lending so why single out ETFs?

Outsoucing may threaten IFA-client relationship

Thursday, September 22 2011
Financial Adviser Magazine

Rush to use DFMs could be problematic for IFAs

Monday, September 12 2011
Financial Adviser Magazine - Outsourcing to discretionary managers can severly reduce perceived client value

IFAs urged to pressure fund managers to justify AMCs

Thursday, July 21 2011
Financial Adviser Magazine

Growth in passive funds eats into IFAs time

Thursday, July 7 2011
Financial Adviser Magazine - The exponential growth of passive funds may cause IFAs to lose more money in time costs for research than they will gain in advisory fees...

Assetfirst offers IFAs fixed fee investment service

Friday, July 1 2011
New Model Adviser Magazine

Assetfirst unveils portfolio service for IFAs

Thursday, June 23 2011
Financial Adviser Magazine

Assetfirst takes on DFMs with "insourced" solution

Thursday, June 16 2011

Seeking a cost-efficient ETF future

Tuesday, April 5 2011
IFAonline - Philip Bailey of Assetfirst talks to Charlotte Moore about the rising charges on active funds and the allure of low-cost ETFs

Model Portfolios and RDR

Monday, March 1 2010
Matthew Craig of Money Management analyses the benefits & pitfalls of adopting model portfolios as an investment proposition in the light of RDR

Show me the money

Monday, January 18 2010
The FT's David Stevenson singles out Assetfirst as one to watch

Assetfirst "Outsourcing" White Paper

Friday, January 1 2010

Price Differentials

Monday, December 21 2009
Threesixty partner Phil Young examines the issues faced by advisers when designing a wrap based investment proposition

ETFs & the retail investor

Wednesday, July 15 2009
To a highly intelligent visitor to earth from a distant planet, the low sales of ETFs to retail investors in the UK & Europe would seem most illogical...