Tactical Asset Allocation


Powerful Strategy

Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) is a powerful strategy that seeks to direct capital within the Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) framework toward asset classes with the highest potential for appreciation and away from asset classes with greater potential for loss over a given timeframe.


Assetfirst employs a propriety research process that results in what we call Low-Frequency High-Duration Conditional Tactical Asset Allocation. We suggest relatively few, long-lasting shifts within the SAA framework based on observations about current relative valuations in global financial markets. These shifts reflect an active, rather than passive, investment management strategy.

Assetfirst has a fundamental approach to research with a focus on macro developments such as fiscal policy, monetary policy, politics & geopolitics, current & forecasted economic growth and potential inflation paths. Markets evolve over time and Assetfirst is able to continually adapt to a changing environment and adopt cutting-edge research from industry and academic sources with relative ease.