Total Investment Management


Guided Architecture

The Assetfirst guided architecture service provides Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) with the intellectual property to create and maintain their own range of low-cost, risk-graded, multi-asset portfolios on their favoured wrap or supermarket platforms.

Assetfirst provides the means of robust portfolio construction and management for a fraction of the cost of providing it in-house, helping firms deliver a sophisticated, transparent, clean-costed investment service.

With no links or ties to any third party we are demonstrably platform neutral; as a result you can be confident that working with Assetfirst will be free of any conflicts of interest. We invoice your firm a fixed monthly fee regardless of the volume of client assets allocated to the portfolios.

Our non regulated status ensures that there is no conflict of interest. We do not want custody of your client assets - you can run the Assetfirst portfolios anywhere that can offer access to the underlying securities.


Strategic Asset Allocation

Strategic Asset Allocation is concerned with the efficient trade-off between risk and return. Assetfirst uses a rigorous Mean-Variance Optimisation (MVO) process to construct a series of Strategic Asset Allocation templates. We consider not only domestic and international equities & bonds but also alternative asset classes such as commodities, real estate and hedge fund schemes.

Tactical Asset Allocation

Tactical Asset Allocation is a powerful strategy that seeks to direct capital within the Strategic Asset Allocation framework toward asset classes with the highest potential for appreciation and away from asset classes with greater potential for loss. Assetfirst’s strategy uses proprietary research across the full universe of asset classes based on current and forecasted economic conditions.

Security Selection

Meticulous Security Selection procedures ensure accurate replication of important asset allocation decisions. Assetfirst provides a top-down security selection process focused primarily on passive investment vehicles including Unit Trusts, Open-Ended Investment Companies, Investment Trusts and Exchange Traded Funds. We frequently supplement these investigations with careful quantitative analysis.

Unique Delivery

Assetfirst offer a unique delivery system, providing IFAs with monthly updated portfolio positions which they can then apply to their client portfolios as they see fit, either through the model portfolio functionality of most major Wraps and platforms or through direct wrappers such as Offshore Bonds, SSAS & SIPP. In addition Assetfirst will provide the IFA with a bespoke investment manual detailing the portfolio construction process along with unbranded monthly tactical reports and portfolio factsheets showing relevant asset allocation positions and model portfolio performance.