Cost Benefits


The Assetfirst Difference

Assetfirst can help advisers to transform their business and introduce transparent fees based on total invested assets for a clearly defined and efficiently delivered investment service. By providing advisers with the ability to create and manage their own portfolios Assetfirst can add value at the heart of the client relationship.

The cost benefits

Our extensive use of low cost passive funds in the Assetfirst model means that fund management costs are a fraction of comparable wealth management services. Since adviser income is derived from transparent and clearly justified fee payments and not the commissions generated by the sale of investment funds or investment products, investors can be certain that their interests are aligned with those of their adviser - the greater the value of their investments the greater the fee income generated for the adviser.

E.g. Three RI firm with £20m of client money applied to the assetfirst portfolios. Typical annual fee for outsourced Discretionary Management Service at 0.50% (50bps) of FUM = £100,000.
Annual assetfirst fee (including VAT) = £7,050 or 0.035% (3.5 bps) of FUM.

Flat Fee Structure

Rather than charging a percentage of funds under management for this service assetfirst charges its IFA clients a fixed monthly fee based not on client assets but on the number of Registered Individuals (RI) at the firm. Our fees start at £500 per month (+VAT) for firms with up to 3 RIs.

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Monthly Tactical Report

Assetfirst will provide you with a monthly tactical report detailing any updated portfolio positions for you to apply to your client portfolios as you see fit, either through the model portfolio functionality of most major Wraps and platforms or through direct wrappers such as SSAS, SIPP and Offshore Bond. Our tactical asset allocation decisions are forward looking and are typically appropriate for between 6 to 18 months and therefore you can choose to rebalance clients to the tactical positions at intervals that suit your business model. The monthly tactical report also includes a detailed independent macroeconomic commentary on all major asset classes for you to use in client reviews.

Compliance Support

From a compliance perspective Assetfirst will provide you with a bespoke Investment Manual detailing the portfolio construction process along with the unbranded monthly tactical reports and portfolio factsheets showing relevant asset allocation positions and model portfolio performance.

Protect Your Business

By using the Assetfirst service and keeping investment advice “in-house”, you will retain your place at the centre of the client financial planning relationship. This will enable you to transition the bulk of your existing clients from a typical 0.5% trail commission arrangement to a 1.00% adviser fee position and in most cases - at the same time reduce the overall charges that they face.